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Perfect Day

Last night seemed to be a turning point in my hectic life, I spent the majority, well actually all of the evening chatting to a new found friend over the internet, i havent really done anything like this before, and i find it odd to actually get to know somebody without even talking or meeting then in person. You can draw up conclusions in your head of how they sound, smell their body language but I would expect until that initial meet you never know if there any attraction.

I had a restless night, not sleeping well because I had on my mind the banter that went on in the chat I had had that evening and into the small hours of today as well. The football is on and I really do need to get some important paperwork done, so that has to take priority at the moment, maybe if I tuck in there I might just get some of it completed and be able to cheer our boys on for the 90 minutes, mind you not alot of fun sitting on your own at home.

Tonight I am not sure what to do, I might go over to see a friend of mine, her names Karen she lives locally to me, im sure she was born with a silver spoon in her mouth, everything she does she falls on her feet! she too like me is divorced and she basically got the better end of the deal! She doesnt have to work, has a massive house and a swimming pool, shes in a relationship but doesnt want anything too heavy, so we get together alot and discuss things that are on our minds, we are really more like sisters than friends.

I can sense myself starting to ramble on here without really making any point at all, I guess the real reason for this entry was to express how much i enjoyed my conversation last this space!
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