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Events of Saturday

Where do I begin??
I think at the beginning...I picked Karen up (my Friend) and off we went on a mission to the Trafford Centre, at the back of my mind was thank god I can keep in touch with someone who I have grown to like somewhat, even though its only via a pc and phone. We arrived at the shopping centre of my dreams and i felt all excited with Credit Card poised in my bag just waiting to be let loose!
My first buy was from Selfridges, I treated myself to some new underwear, a little on the expensive side but Hey you only live once.
Then i decided to look about for some clothes for my holiday, even thought i havent booked anything and cant really decide where i would like to go, i think im looking here for excuses to buy clothes lol
But of course after buying clothes what does evey women need???.. SHOES of course! so i managed to find myself 4 pairs oops naughty me! but they were a bargin... NOT
I think next week i will have to up my fees at work or do some serious advertising for more clients ... god this always sounds like im on the game believe me in not !
I wont bore you with every detail about the shopping mission but it was fun, time ticked on and i was steadily receiving text messages which brought a smile to my face.
We decided to start off home but stop en-route for a late lunch, this was enjoyable as it was nice to sit and relax out in the fresh air, and it was warm too!
I got home and popped straight on the pc (GEEK ME!) then being as it was warm i decided to go for a swim at Karens, when i arrived there she wanted to go out for a few drinks so of course i had to go along too!
We went to a lovely little wine bar which wasnt too busy, still text messages flying about on my phone, then after a couple of glasses i decided I wanted to go skinny dipping!
Mad or what? but its something i tend to do often if i have had a great day out and it was warm!
So back to Karens and she left me to it!
It was freezing but fun, refreshing to have the cool water on my body.
Afterwards I dressed then went home, I would have invited a certain guy to join me but i dont think he would have been available! and i think hes a touch shy! lol
So that was the events of yesterday in a nutshell!
Today is a different matter, Im feeling a little groggy, hope im not coming down with anything. but the serious head is on for sure as i am heading to the office shortly, and i wont be home until at least 6pm tonight!!!
Best go get the bat mobile out of the garage and get my backside into gear!
Hope you all have a fun day.
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