Number1Woman (number1woman) wrote,

Before Work.....

Well before I start trawling through all this post that has just landed on my desk I thought I would make a short LJ entry.

Its not very often in life that you think you have met your soul mate, but I truely think that I have! Each time I see a message received on my phone, which is very often these days heart flutters about inside me and I feel like a child.

Not really the way I should react, being as im of course a professional LOL but hey we all have feelings.

As i sit here theres a picture in front of me of my father and myself, if he was to know how I was feeling now he would no doubt put his arm around me and say " Jessie, you know what you have to do, go get him girl!"
He always called me Jessie, which I dont mind but to me that was his special name for me and I hold that in my heart and will do forever.

No more time for LJ today as I need to press on with work.

Later everyone.
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