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Number1Woman's Journal
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Thursday, June 20th, 2002
7:25 pm
2nd or 3rd place
Well I have just been having a look about on this site and it appears that I come in 2nd or 3rd place! I guess people can build up close relationships on here, especially if you have known them along time.

But I have just come across a few cosy little comments, be it flirting or whatever it is, I feel that theres a little something more to it.

bye all x
Friday, June 14th, 2002
6:42 pm
The time has arrived for me to leave this office and head off to the gym!

I really do not want to go but then i recalled a text message I received that gave me the idea to let all my upset. feelings and frustrations out on the equipment!

I really dont feel like going as i havent eaten since yesterday and Im feeling sickly but then I wont keep in shape sitting on my jack ass at home!

I think after I will try and pick up a takeaway then head over to Karens for a heart to heart, I really do have alot of thinking to do this weekend and I need to sound out a few things with my best friend, not that im going to reveal too much but a few points will suffice.

Maybe then I can come home and then keep my thinking hat on and really try to sort out the things that are most important to me in my life.

Current Mood: confused
Thursday, June 13th, 2002
4:31 pm
Messed UP!
All i was doing was being honest and now look where that has got me!

I know that being honest is a good thing and its always best to know the truth about things, be them little or big, Im sorry for destroying you, I didnt see the wrong in what I sent, all people like different things in life.

Im totally lost for workd.

Sorry xx
3:20 pm
Lovely Day
Today Im happy, happier than I have been in a while now.
Stressed at work, have some problems that only i can deal with and I am trying to push them to one side but they keep tapping on my door -- so to speak!

The lovely guy who has entered into my life has kept me happy too, hes so caring and thoughtful, I can guarantee that he will text me to bring a smile to my face. I have a really warm feeling inside.

Back to work for me just wanted to say how I was feeling at this moment in time.
Wednesday, June 12th, 2002
9:10 pm
Tired Mind!
Today hasnt been the best of days for me! im still working on some papers and its past 9pm!

First of all well done to the boys for getting through to the next round and thank you for the text keeping me up to date with the score.xxx

Last night i went out on a business dinner to discuss a few issues, it was a pleasant evening but i made the mistake of not eating much during the day then downing a couple of G & T's in the bar before we all ate! then wine with the meal and i felt pissed! Business was over and so it was time to relax a little and chill out with a few baileys in the lounge bar.

The guy who i had dinner with brought his wife along so that was good company for me discussing clothes and shopping at the end of the evening! I think i gave somebody the wrong impression by telling them i was a little pissed and they thought that i was going to end up in bed with the person i had dinner with, i would never mix business with pleasure, the 2 just dont go.

So the evening ended on a bit of a downer, i went to bed dizzy but unhappy.

This morning i was woken by a text message and realised that i had overslept!!! YIKES!

so no time for a jog or breakfast, and i had a sore head too!
dashed to work then got dug into paperwork, then i had clients to see so that took up the majority of my afternoon.
Also along with emailing too, some deep thoughtful emails were flying about and it was my turn to upset someone, not by being nasty just by being honest.

How can two people who maybe want different things in life, come together and make it work? easy.. i think .... discuss what each other wants and work at it?

I wont harp on too much as the person knows my true feelings and i have i hope made myself clear, well as clear as i can at the moment.

Back to this paperwork, will be finished soon i hope then a bath and bed!
Tuesday, June 11th, 2002
10:22 am
Before Work.....
Well before I start trawling through all this post that has just landed on my desk I thought I would make a short LJ entry.

Its not very often in life that you think you have met your soul mate, but I truely think that I have! Each time I see a message received on my phone, which is very often these days ..my heart flutters about inside me and I feel like a child.

Not really the way I should react, being as im of course a professional LOL but hey we all have feelings.

As i sit here theres a picture in front of me of my father and myself, if he was to know how I was feeling now he would no doubt put his arm around me and say " Jessie, you know what you have to do, go get him girl!"
He always called me Jessie, which I dont mind but to me that was his special name for me and I hold that in my heart and will do forever.

No more time for LJ today as I need to press on with work.

Later everyone.
Monday, June 10th, 2002
4:13 pm
What a perfect day!
Just sitting here waiting for a client to arrive then I too will be heading off home, Not feeling 100% today, I really must relax a little tonight and have an early night.

Apart from work and email a special friend I havent done much else today! I managed to have some soup at lunch time, normally i dont eat during the day but with feeling a little under the weather thought i would try something hot. Hasnt done any good though lol

I am glad to see it has brightened up again, maybe summer is here at long last.

I am still struggling to come to terms with how much i can miss someone that i havent met, is it at all possible? is it normal? am i going mental? do i need locking up? - answers on a postcard please!

This person is the first thing on my mind when i wake up and the last thing on my mind when I drift off to sleep, a very comforting thought and I am enjoying it beyond belief.

I had better get my paperwork arranged as the client is due in 15 minutes, and I have some serious reading to do! zzzzzzzzzzzzz

Current Mood: cheerful
Sunday, June 9th, 2002
7:50 pm
WOW im mentally drained, today i have buried my head into paperwork and not been distracted too much by texting *smile* which would have been inviting but I really did need to complete some paperwork and dictation.

I dont know what to do with myself now, do i go for a long soak in a hot bath? Do i open a bottle of wine and sit with my feet up?
Do I stop on LJ? Do i do myself some dinner? Go get a take away?
Decisions, Decisions.
9:45 am
Events of Saturday
Where do I begin??
I think at the beginning...I picked Karen up (my Friend) and off we went on a mission to the Trafford Centre, at the back of my mind was thank god I can keep in touch with someone who I have grown to like somewhat, even though its only via a pc and phone. We arrived at the shopping centre of my dreams and i felt all excited with Credit Card poised in my bag just waiting to be let loose!
My first buy was from Selfridges, I treated myself to some new underwear, a little on the expensive side but Hey you only live once.
Then i decided to look about for some clothes for my holiday, even thought i havent booked anything and cant really decide where i would like to go, i think im looking here for excuses to buy clothes lol
But of course after buying clothes what does evey women need???.. SHOES of course! so i managed to find myself 4 pairs oops naughty me! but they were a bargin... NOT
I think next week i will have to up my fees at work or do some serious advertising for more clients ... god this always sounds like im on the game believe me in not !
I wont bore you with every detail about the shopping mission but it was fun, time ticked on and i was steadily receiving text messages which brought a smile to my face.
We decided to start off home but stop en-route for a late lunch, this was enjoyable as it was nice to sit and relax out in the fresh air, and it was warm too!
I got home and popped straight on the pc (GEEK ME!) then being as it was warm i decided to go for a swim at Karens, when i arrived there she wanted to go out for a few drinks so of course i had to go along too!
We went to a lovely little wine bar which wasnt too busy, still text messages flying about on my phone, then after a couple of glasses i decided I wanted to go skinny dipping!
Mad or what? but its something i tend to do often if i have had a great day out and it was warm!
So back to Karens and she left me to it!
It was freezing but fun, refreshing to have the cool water on my body.
Afterwards I dressed then went home, I would have invited a certain guy to join me but i dont think he would have been available! and i think hes a touch shy! lol
So that was the events of yesterday in a nutshell!
Today is a different matter, Im feeling a little groggy, hope im not coming down with anything. but the serious head is on for sure as i am heading to the office shortly, and i wont be home until at least 6pm tonight!!!
Best go get the bat mobile out of the garage and get my backside into gear!
Hope you all have a fun day.

Current Mood: groggy
Saturday, June 8th, 2002
9:10 am
Shop till you drop!
Well being a I have been good this morning and forced myself to go jogging and swimming, and all before 8am I thought I Would treat myself today to some new clothes and whatever else caught my eye!

I really should be making my way into the office but instead Im about to shortly head over to karens house to pick her up then we are going on a mission to the Trafford Centre. The office work can wait until tomorrow.

Its dull outside today so I might as well do something exciting indoors and being as I have no man in my life at the moment shopping is the next best thing!

Shame theres no man because they do come in handy for carrying bags! JOKE!

Just finishing off my coffee and I expect Woz is still lounging about in bed feeling the effects from his heavy drinking session in Chester last night! LOL got no sympathy at all....

Well im all dressed up so I had better hit the shops, I will fill you in later on, on what I spent my pennies on!

Wheres that damned credit card???? ............................

Current Mood: happy
Friday, June 7th, 2002
9:02 pm
Today hasnt been the best of days for me, it started off well with a jog at about 7am, then from then on I havent really been concentrating on important paperwork which I have been attempting to complete all day.

How possible is it to like someone you havent met? mad or what?

The only thoughts I have had in my mind all day is how can two human beings feel the same about each other when neither have spoken or met in person?

Like I have said previously in my journal that in the past i havent been the most faithful wife, but hey i guess im not the only one in this world... and if temptation gets in the way then who am i to brush it aside, especially when I had a husband who was always away on business for weeks on end and never even contacted me, he was probably flirting with some broad, using his charms to lure her into his bedroom for the evening. Anyway all that is in the past now and I am moving on with my busy life, I do like being single as i dont have anyone to answer to and i can please myself to come and go as i wish.

I guess what all this is leading to, is that im independant and strong headed and very career minded, although i am not into one night stands i also do not like to think that someone wants to own me, well not at the present time. I do not want to do anything on the rebound and i doubt that i would, i do have my head screwed on but i long for the company of an intelligent, passionate guy, who can make me laugh until i cry, spend the good days with me as well as the bad days, but until that initial meeting happens then i have no problems with that guy flirting about with other women, i am not posessive, i am open and honest and i would like to think that we are all on this earth for a reason and its no dress rehersal, so if the opportunity arises go for it!

I look back at when my father was alive, i could turn to him talk to him about anything, even sex and what i got up to! nothing shocked him, he was a great father and i loved him dearly,the times when i was little he would take me for days out if mother wanted a rest, the smell of his pipe still haunts me, i miss him terribly too, i still often cry at night longing to be able to talk to him one more time, but i know thats not possible. I think the most upsetting thing was that i was actually with him when he died, sitting next to his bed with my mother knowing that at any time he would take his last breath, even then my husband at the time didnt even accompany me, he decided to go out drinking with friends! That was probably the icing on the cake for the end of my marriage, what husband leaves his wife to cope with grief? I have a tear in my eye now thinking about my father, i hope that he would now be so proud of me but i will never know. If there is a god up there why does he take all the good people and leave some of the scum like i have to deal with each day of my working career?
Life just isnt fair sometimes!

Current Mood: lonely
9:51 am
Perfect Day
Last night seemed to be a turning point in my hectic life, I spent the majority, well actually all of the evening chatting to a new found friend over the internet, i havent really done anything like this before, and i find it odd to actually get to know somebody without even talking or meeting then in person. You can draw up conclusions in your head of how they sound, smell their body language but I would expect until that initial meet you never know if there any attraction.

I had a restless night, not sleeping well because I had on my mind the banter that went on in the chat I had had that evening and into the small hours of today as well. The football is on and I really do need to get some important paperwork done, so that has to take priority at the moment, maybe if I tuck in there I might just get some of it completed and be able to cheer our boys on for the 90 minutes, mind you not alot of fun sitting on your own at home.

Tonight I am not sure what to do, I might go over to see a friend of mine, her names Karen she lives locally to me, im sure she was born with a silver spoon in her mouth, everything she does she falls on her feet! she too like me is divorced and she basically got the better end of the deal! She doesnt have to work, has a massive house and a swimming pool, shes in a relationship but doesnt want anything too heavy, so we get together alot and discuss things that are on our minds, we are really more like sisters than friends.

I can sense myself starting to ramble on here without really making any point at all, I guess the real reason for this entry was to express how much i enjoyed my conversation last night...watch this space!

Current Mood: flirty
Thursday, June 6th, 2002
4:28 pm
I want...
I so do want to go home but i cant leave the office yet as i have a client coming in 30 minutes to see me :o(

Current Mood: busy
3:54 pm
Why Oh Why do guys insist on looking at a womans chest when they talk to her, its damned right annoying and rude!
10:13 am
Boring Work
Well todays a new day! cooler than it has been which is a shame, mind you I will soon be booking a holiday to some hot and sunny climate.
Work is piled high on my desk, so its a matter of trawling through it to work on the most important issues.
i have a prison visit to do this afternoon, I hate doing them, everyone glaring at you like you are some kind of alien.
I find it hard to defend someone whom I do not believe in or trust, you can just tell when someone is not telling you the truth, that look in their eye.
I had better log off here now or I will be spending all day writing about my thoughts.
Hope you all have a great day.
Wednesday, June 5th, 2002
10:34 pm
Hello to me
Right! a big thank U to Woz for helping me
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