Number1Woman (number1woman) wrote,

Tired Mind!

Today hasnt been the best of days for me! im still working on some papers and its past 9pm!

First of all well done to the boys for getting through to the next round and thank you for the text keeping me up to date with the

Last night i went out on a business dinner to discuss a few issues, it was a pleasant evening but i made the mistake of not eating much during the day then downing a couple of G & T's in the bar before we all ate! then wine with the meal and i felt pissed! Business was over and so it was time to relax a little and chill out with a few baileys in the lounge bar.

The guy who i had dinner with brought his wife along so that was good company for me discussing clothes and shopping at the end of the evening! I think i gave somebody the wrong impression by telling them i was a little pissed and they thought that i was going to end up in bed with the person i had dinner with, i would never mix business with pleasure, the 2 just dont go.

So the evening ended on a bit of a downer, i went to bed dizzy but unhappy.

This morning i was woken by a text message and realised that i had overslept!!! YIKES!

so no time for a jog or breakfast, and i had a sore head too!
dashed to work then got dug into paperwork, then i had clients to see so that took up the majority of my afternoon.
Also along with emailing too, some deep thoughtful emails were flying about and it was my turn to upset someone, not by being nasty just by being honest.

How can two people who maybe want different things in life, come together and make it work? easy.. i think .... discuss what each other wants and work at it?

I wont harp on too much as the person knows my true feelings and i have i hope made myself clear, well as clear as i can at the moment.

Back to this paperwork, will be finished soon i hope then a bath and bed!
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